A Room with a View!

There is a secret to a great looking room and we’d like to share it with you today! At Beach Bungalow Blinds we believe that every room in your home should look fabulous. It’s no secret that we’ve been helping clients for years create an environment in their home that fits their style and helps them love the space they live in! We’re passionate about not only serving our clients to the best of our ability and going out of our way to make sure they are happy but we like to educate them as well. We like to take the time and give them options to not only fit their style but their budget as well.

We understand the importance of a good window treatment and it’s time you did too! Just take a moment to think about it and picture this, in your mind, if you will… take any room in your house as an example. You can paint the walls, add new furniture and a nice painting or two… even throw in a few plants and candles on a pretty table with a nice chair to match but if you have a plain boring window it just doesn’t work!  Talk about a sore sight in the room! The secret to a great looking room is that it must have a great looking window as well! Now we know that all windows don’t have a great looking view to the outside because there are things we just can’t help in life… but that’s no excuse for a bad window treatment! When you walk into a room your eyes are automatically drawn to the window. It’s one of those things we just can’t help, it comes naturally. Now if that window has the right window treatment to match the look and feel of the room and it let’s in just the right amount of light… then perfeciton is achieved and we can just enjoy the wonderful view!

Beach Bungalow Blinds is all about helping you achieve that perfection in each window of your home. We’re here to educate you on what options you have and inspire you with all the right shades, colors and textures. We have years of experience and we’re always getting into the latest trends and fashions of what’s Hot and what’s Not! This blog space is dedicated to giving you information, tips, ideas and just the right amount of inspiration to get you going on that boring window or two that you’ve been meaning to get to since last year. In the coming months we’re going to walk you through everything from plantation shutters to bamboo shades to faux wood blinds and everything in between.

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In the meantime thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next blog post with new and great window treatment ideas and our favorite pick of the month!

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